Shay Allie

Founder and Host

Shay is the founder of Inspire’d Stage and has been hosting the London event since its inception.  She is an entrepreneur with a portfolio of multiple businesses, and the soul of a performer.

Professionally, she is a barrister and partner in her own law firm (Aly & Hulme Associates).  She is often praised for her eloquence, sensitivity and unflappable nature.    Shay also has a long history with transformational work and is well known on the London personal development circuit as the founder and host of Inspire’d Stage. She has previously run and hosted both jazz and comedy events on the London circuit and is no stranger to the stage in her capacity as an MC, singer-songwriter and improv comedienne.

Shay is also an award winning radio presenter, author of 2 books and her work has previously featured in Psychologies Magazine, The Sunday Times and Bloomberg alongside mainstream and specialist local and national press.


Abi Egbeyemi

San Francisco Host

Abi is the creator of Levnow (Living Eternal Vigilance Now_ and her mission is to spread the word that you can live a happy, joyous, and fulfilled life right now by implementing a few minor changes in the way you think, the way you feel, the way you view the world, and the way you see yourself. It is all about taking back control.

She is a Blogger, Writer, Speaker, and Coach with over 15 years experience in the Personal Development industry. provides tips and tools on how readers can use personal development, spiritual, motivational, or everyday materials to create tools, rules, rituals, and routines to find balance, happiness, success, and daily peace, love, and joy in their lives.

Su Mee Tan

Amsterdam Host

Your Inspire’d host in Amsterdam. She’s a transformation professional with a focus on coaching, training and personal leadership. She worked as a change manager and trainer for leading law firms across the globe before moving into coaching. Su Mee is a certified co-active coach and the founder and owner of Into The Mirror Coaching. When she is not coaching or running after her two boys, she enjoys listening to music, singing and meeting friends over coffee.

Csilla Stella

Brussels Host

Csilla is a multilingual lawyer with extensive expertise in various fields of law. She moved to Brussels, to complete work experience within the European Parliament followed by working at an esteemed international law firm, specialising in business immigration law, ultimately translating that into starting her own business.

Csilla’s global focus has been key in her business’s growth and development. Her vision is to make the world a better place for those who struggle to progress and move forward, and her work promises to do just this through the medium of language. She dreams of bridging cultures through the use of language and intercultural education. She directly supports and sponsoring families in Sri Lanka and Rwanda and sees her company as a springboard to actively making a difference, to not only make the world a better place, but a kinder one too.

Join Csilla in her mission to transform the lives of as many people as possible by not only giving them the gift of language, but also the tools they can use to design their future. 

Sam Dossa

Birmingham Host

Sam is a Business & Personal Coach specialised in BURNOUT. He has previously worked  as a coach within the Youth Sector and has developed his own transformational business – Create Your Destiny. He has trained and spoken to over 8,000 young adults to help inspire them in their respective missions.

Sam also has over 10 years of extensive working experience as a Freelance Consultant/Coach/ Mentor/Trainer & Public Speaker independently and as a co-trainer with other qualified professional trainers and has served in many  multinational companies including Centurylink, British Telecoms, CBT Systems Limited, Department of Works & Pensions (DWP), Empowering Youth, KI Work, Ismaili Council for European Union, Workoco, Fireworks Coaching, Twickenham Academy, London Borough of Richmond, Slough Grammar School and SPELT (Karachi – Pakistan).

Clara Bunge

International Camera Woman

Having worked as the Inspire’d London Camera woman for 4 years, Clara now works with our International Hosts to edit our event videos and keep our YouTube Channel fabulous!

Marii Val

Marii Valjataga is a historian, library innovator and singer. Fascinated by how the past behaves in the present, she is equally passionate about the future and innovative service design in the cultural sector. Music has always been a defining part of her life – she performs with a jazz trio and a big band, and has participated in vocal groups and pop music projects. Marii currently divides her time between Brussels, Florence and Tallinn.

Anne-Marie Wickham

Anne-Marie Wickham aka #GratitudeQueen and “Happiologist” has a plethora of enviable skills in the personal development industry including being a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transformational NLP Master, Life Coach, Public Speaker, Youth Mentor & a Community Speaker for Alzheimer’s UK. She is also the Founder of FLOW – Life Achievement Programme for Conscious Living and is the author of various books including From Council Care to Millionaire, FLOW – A Guide to Happiness, On The Path of Least Resistance, Business Mastery, The Networkers Bible. She describes her greatest passion as bringing healing and hope to people who are stuck following trauma or adversity and alongside her warm and exuberant personality, she is perfectly placed to bring Inspire’d to Essex!