Inspire’d has had the privilege to have hosted a variety of thought leaders and inspirational people from all over the world. The team draw on their wealth of experience and personal contacts to bring you unforgettable events month after month and each speaker has been handpicked to completely delight you.

We would love to encourage everyone to take the stage, as we feel that  everyone has a unique story to share, that could potentially add value to our audiences.

Due to the volume of speaking requests that we receive, we are not accepting any applications to speak at the London event through this website at this time, other than from established speakers with a strong following.  Prospective London speakers with less speaking experience are selected from our regular attendees, so there is always a chance to join our calendar by attending our next event . 

If you do not have an Inspire’d event running in your city, or you are applying to speak in a city other than London, please contact us using the form below

If you are subsequently booked as a speaker, you are required to bring 5 paying guests with you. The evenings are  filmed, and a selection of our talks will be featured on our YouTube channel. If professional filming takes place in your city, there are options for you to purchase the raw footage if you wish to do so.

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