Inspired October
Inspire’d is the UK’s leading platform for inspirational and transformational talks.

Set at The Audley in Mayfair, each month we invite 5 speakers to share their wisdom in 10 minutes. And in the true spirit of an open mic event, we invite a “Wildcard” from the audience on the night.

The energy created makes Inspire’d a must-experience if you are in London.
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It was another AMAZING month at Inspire’d where the theme emerged as a month of men sharing their power and purpose.

We kicked off the evening with DAVID SAVILLE who talked about how to live an impossible live. Dare to dream, and you will achieve, because we only achieve what we set out to dream and why not make that a big, juicy, impossible goal

15 year old OTIS AARTS took to the stage next and shared his story, showing that at only 15 years old, he was able to shine in the world of football due to the sheer determination that he had already put into the game

Professional boxer and GQ Style Model JOVAN YOUNG took to the stage next to share his story about how despite a rough start in life, his vision and power took him to the path of success that he is now a role model for

PAZ SONAGARA took to the stage next to talk about the soul of money. As a former Senior Software Engineer, now working as an energy healer, Paz shared some of his insights as to how we can use spirituality to grow our level of abundance

Our wildcase this month was the amazing WARREN RYAN. Having come along as an audience member this month, he was called to really serve the audience and shared his 6 steps to success

And ending the night was International Speaker, Author and success coach KALPESH PATEL who spoke about his early years story and how he let go of an incredible amount of financial success to pursue success that was truly in alignment with his dreams.

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We’ve decided to follow that with a end of year sizzle and bring you the following amazing speakers featuring:

VICKI WUSCHE the author of “Using Other People’s Money: How to Invest in Property” and creator of The Property Sourcers, speaks about her journey to becoming financially free using the world of property

ANNIK RAU founder of the Pony Express Speakers Club, Annik’s charisma and dynamisism have helped many people who dream of speaking to finally take that plunge and actually fall in love with public speaking!

TIM DRUMMOND having gone through his own body transformation, Tim helps guide others on thier own unique journey. An entrepenuer, published author and trainer to the A-list, Tim takes the Inspire’d stage to share his wisdom for the first time in November.

CLAIRE ANSTEY Multi talented chat show host who’s previous accolades include ITV and Nickleodeon takes to the Inspire’d stage to share her message about how to feel truly beautiful, using her inspiration and experience from the world of burlesque

Final speaker to follow… 

Plus the “WILDCARD” chosen from our audience (these are ALWAYS magic – could it be you this month?!)

Once again, our guests are in for a real treat!

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Ayman Najafi
Shay Allie

The Bittersling @ The Audley,
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London W1K 2RX
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£1 from every ticket is donated to the Child Refugee Crisis Appeal by Save the Children.

We open our doors at 7pm for you to meet other guests and order dinner and drinks from the bar. From 8pm, we take to the stage with our speakers for the night.

As Inspire’d creates an intimate environment, you will have a chance to connect with all our speakers during the course of the evening, if you wish to find out more about them. The speakers portion of the evening will conclude at approximately 10:15pm, after which you will have a chance to mingle with the rest of the audience.