Inspire’d is the UK’s leading platform for inspirational and transformational talks and is now making its Amsterdam debut!

We would like to invite you to the FIRST INSPIRE’D STAGE AMSTERDAM EVENT on MONDAY 22 OCTOBER 2018 at 19.30h @ House of Watt.

This month we invite 5 speakers to share their wisdom in 10 minutes. And in the true spirit of an open mic event, we invite a “Wildcard” from the audience on the night. The energy created makes Inspire’d a must-experience.

We have a spectacular event coming up for you with amazing speakers:

Shay Allie is a multifaceted entrepreneur, who is a barrister and partner in her own law firm, as well as being the founder of Inspire’d and the author of two books in the transformational field.

Cilia van der Ven is an HR manager, coach, leadership & team development trainer and just started her own coaching business. She has an MA degree in German language & Linguistics, an MA degree in Work & Organizational Psychology and a Post-HBO Trainers degree in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Cilia has always been fascinated by the way our perception shapes our reality. She truly believes in the importance of living your own values, being true to yourself and following your own path. Sometimes this can be a real challenge. Life is a journey and your path is not always clear. But in the end you need to start walking: be curious beyond measure, explore the world and take chances. And this all starts with a deep connection with oneself!

Csilla Rostas is a multilingual lawyer with extensive expertise in various fields of law. She moved to Brussels to complete work experience within the European Parliament followed by working at an esteemed international law firm, specialising in business immigration law, ultimately translating that into starting her own business. Csilla’s vision is to make the world a better place for those who struggle to progress and move forward, and her work promises to do just this through the medium of language. She dreams of bridging cultures through the use of language and intercultural education. She directly supports families in Sri Lanka and Rwanda and sees her company as a springboard to actively making a difference.

Dennis Strik – After getting a degree in English Literature & Linguistics in Amsterdam, Dennis mysteriously ended up as a Lecturer in Dutch at University College London. It took ten years, a complicated escape plan and emigrating back to The Netherlands to finally break free from the academic world and find his life purpose as a Key that opens the door to transforming other people’s lives (or Life Coach, as it’s sometimes called). Certified in Co-Active Coaching, it’s Dennis’ goal to not only help his individual clients be their superhero self, but to make the whole world more imaginative, co-operative, resourceful and fun.

Floor Buschenhenke has done many things with words and intends to do many more. Discovered the magic of writing early on in life, and has published three volumes of poetry since. Did her fair share of publishing, translating, editing, copy writing, coaching creative writers, teaching Dutch as a foreign language, and is now settling into the comforts of an office job at the Huygens ING (Dutch research institute for literary studies and history), where she is currently working on a PhD on creative writing in a digital environment.

THE WILDCARD! As always, our line up could also include YOU! The Wildcard slot is chosen from our audience from those that are wanting to speak on the night – these are ALWAYS magic?!

Our loving host is Su Mee Tan, supported by the wonderful Anna Kmetova Co-Active Coach

Did you know House of Watt also serves great food? Contact them on to book your space for dinner before the event.

Tickets: €10 at the door (CASH ONLY)

The Inspire’d Stage Team

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