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Marina Pearson-Summers – Overcoming Stress To Live An Effortless Life

Marina Pearson is the author of “Goodbye Mr Ex” and founder of Your Pathway To Wisdom and The Innate Wisdom Retreats in Bali.

Rishi Patel – Vedanta Principles

Rishi Patel, founder of Master the Markets and student of Vedanta, delivers a charming message on using ancient eastern philosophies in modern day business to serve at a higher level

James Brook – The 5 P Approach To Meaningful Success

James is the co-founder of Stengthscope and author of “Stretch – Leading Beyond Boundaries” alongside Dr Paul Brewerton.

Watch James share the 5 P approach to leadership and achieving success.

More about Strengthscope here: www.strengthscope.com

Ivy Young – Coming Out To Your Parents

Ivy Young is a licensed psychotherapist, certified sex therapist, Professional Dominatrix, and highly sought-after BDSM expert educator. She is also a good friend of Inspire’d.

State of Play

State of Play are a talented band who fuse elements of blues-based rock, socially conscious hip hop, and alternative influences to deliver a refreshingly distinctive signature sound. They got Inspire’d guests off their feet when […]

Elliot Kay – Overcoming Judgement

Elliot Kay, also known as The Coach with the Hat, is a leading performance coach in the UK who helps people resolve their internal conflicts through experiential tools. Here Elliot tells his story in graphic […]

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