Inspire’d is the UK’s leading platform for inspirational and transformational talks.

Set at The Audley in Mayfair, each month we invite 5 speakers to share their wisdom in 10 minutes. And in the true spirit of an open mic event, we invite a “Wildcard” from the audience on the night.

The energy created makes Inspire’d a must-experience if you are in London.

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March was our biggest ever event with many new faces in a packed audience to complement an electric line up that included an international speaker and musician.

Thank you to everyone attended this memorable night!

We started with AYMAN NAJAFI, co-founder of Inspire’d who took us on a journey towards exponential growth. He shared his insights of working between the external and internal to finally merging them into one progressive way of being. He shared his wisdom on clarity, commitment, consistancy and channelling in a thought provoking talk. He ended by offering guests to join him on a 21 day meditation challenge which around half the audience took up and are currently participating in!

ELLIOT KAY memorably took the stage in January 2015 however, his last minute replacement GABI GLOVER didnt disappoint with the wise story of 3 stone masons and a clerk. The story was a reminder of the power of modesty and gratitude and how it impacts our ability to perform well.

Joining us all the way from Norway CAMILLA KRISTIANSEN took the stage to share her story. Growing up in a small town, Camilla broke away from comformity and became a fashion blogger and stylist who’s written 9 books and created a family at the same time. Her simple yet beautiful message was not lost on all of us.

After a break with many Wildcard nominations, we returned with
JACKIE WINTERS the Founder of the British Academy of Crystal Healing, who shared her transformation whilst leading an experiential piece that demonstrated the power of raising our vibration through crystals.

Our Wildcard was ROGER TIGER BURROWS who was inspired by earlier talks to shared a page from his diary from January this year. In a two part conversation with himself, he poured his doubts on one page in “what if” statements. The sincerity and vulnrubility was there to be felt. The second page read was the same man behind empowering statements starting with the same prefix. It was raw and it was beautiful.

We ended the night with a gifted musician, HOCKERS who shared his unique voice over 3 beautifully self-written songs. Check his stuff out here:

What a night!!

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We always ask “how do we follow that?” but you know what we always do! April is set to be another powerful night…
We revert back to a TUESDAY NIGHT and we are joined by 2 of our most inspiring former speakers and a singer songwriter amongst others.

ALLAN KLEYNHANS is the former MC of Yes Group, a philanthropist and brilliant coach with a powerful message.

DAVID CHANDLER pioneered online video, had a top 40 chart hit and is a savvy businessman. Chandler has done it all & has a beautiful relationship to boot. His second time on our stage is sure to delight.

LYNETTE ALLEN runs a woman’s coaching company called Her Invitation and wrote a best seller book called Behind with the Laundry and Living off Chocolate shares her wisdom in 10 minutes

ANTOINETTE is a singer-songwriter who will be sharing her music on our stage

Finally, the latest graduate from WARREN RYAN’s Fearless Speakers Academy will be joining us to share thier story.

As always, the line up could also include YOU! We have our wild card slot up for grabs every time so if you’re inspired to speak on our stage, this could be your big moment!

Once again, our guests are in for a real treat!


£12.50 online or £15 on the door. Secure your ticket here:

* £1 from every ticket sold will be donated to charity

As always, your loving hosts are:

Shay Allie
Ayman Najafi

The Bittersling @ The Audley,
41 – 43 Mount Street
London W1K 2RX
United Kingdom

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Tickets are £15 on the door or £12.50 on Ticket Source
£1 from every ticket is donated to the Child Refugee Crisis Appeal by Save the Children.

We open our doors at 7pm for you to meet other guests and order dinner and drinks from the bar. From 8pm, we take to the stage with our speakers for the night.

As Inspire’d creates an intimate environment, you will have a chance to connect with all our speakers during the course of the evening, if you wish to find out more about them. The speakers portion of the evening will conclude at approximately 10:15pm, after which you will have a chance to mingle with the rest of the audience.