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We would like to invite you to Inspire’d Stage event on Monday 14.05.2018 @19:00 in Mayfair. We have a spectacular event coming up for you! We have a phenomenal line up for you including:

Daisy Schubert is a Qualified Personal Stylist who helps female entrepreneurs and public speakers to make peace with their wardrobes. She can create a hassle free and authentic wardrobe that works hard for their busy lifestyles and reflects their personal values.

Having struggled with her own style identity for many years, Daisy can relate to anyone who feels stuck and unsure what to wear each morning. Since learning the tools of the trade with a FIPI accredited training provider and discovering the keys to making a good first impression in 2015, she enthusiastically supports female entrepreneurs to rely on solid strategies when choosing an outfit for their next speaking gig, a client meeting or a hot date. Daisy believes that no woman should be at war with her wardrobe!

John Vanek is a songwriter, performer, slide guitarist, qualified life coach, fundraiser and film producer. John has also written the definitive book about mental health and social inclusion entitled ‘Let Me Do That Too!’ The book is due for publication later this year. It is both a practical coaching handbook and a summation of over ten years experience in enabling people with mental health conditions to find their own pathways through the arts and music.

John is part of the London Underground busking scheme and sees busking as one of most authentic ways of reaching people directly through music and sharing. John has started the Facebook group ‘The Language of Songs’ as a way of exploring his and others’ fascination with the way language influences music and vice versa. John is currently figuring out the bandcamp site in order to upload and distribute his latest EP entitled ‘Gold Town’.

Allan Kleynhans is in high demand as an outstanding International Speaker and high-end Performance Coach. With a vast amount of experience accumulated over three decades, he is also highly skilled as an expert Training Facilitator. His area of expertise includes self-awareness, leadership and communication. Allan is direct, transparent and thought-provoking – his intense, authentic style on the platform keeps his audiences riveted and have earned him rave reviews globally.

Sophie Trew is a health activist and founder of Trew Fields Festival – a world first for cancer awareness and holistic health. A trained journalist recovering from blood cancer, Sophie is passionate about change, inspiration and empowerment for others in the cancer space. Sophie speaks on her life from Tequila to Spirulina, sharing the the light, dark and everything in between of getting cancer in your early 20’s.

Joseph Patch – A shy adolescent – quiet, judgmental, scared…. It took me until my mid-twenties to decide I no longer wanted to carry around the pain of being socially anxious. I had blamed myself for years, thinking I was the only one struggling with this, not knowing that it is incredibly common to struggle socially, that beating yourself up really doesn’t help and that there is a whole other different world free of social anxiety waiting for you on the other side.

Fed up of being lost for words, scared to speak my mind and overly concerned with what others thought of me, I made a conscious decision to turn my life around. For the last five years I have dedicated my time to developing my ability to interact socially. Learning from books, seeking out the best mentors and undertaking hours of practice, I have tapped into my previously dormant extrovert qualities. I won’t lie; it has been a painful journey. Handling rejection when your perception of rejection is wrong is extremely hard.

The key: persistence, a will to learn and refusal to suffer.
The catalyst: surrounding myself with mentors (the best in the business).
The outcome: far from what I expected.

Moving to London was a huge turning point in my life. I began to approach coaching companies who quickly recognised my ability and desire to transform lives. My first paid work was with Your Charisma Coach and was a massive achievement for me. My passion for training was found and I’ve been teaching and speaking for a wide variety of coaching companies, and training my own clients, for the past two years. If I had to share just one part of my journey, it would be the importance of self acceptance.


THE WILDCARD! As always, our line up could also include YOU! The Wildcard slot is chosen from our audience from those that are wanting to speak on the night – these are ALWAYS magic – could it be you this month?!

Our loving host is: SHAY ALLIE
Venue address: The Audley (cellar bar Bitter Sling), Mayfair,W1K 2RX
Closest tube station: Green Park or Bond Street
Tickets: £12.50 online / £15 at the door (cash only accepted at the door)

Buy your early birds tickets here:

We are looking forward to see you all on MONDAY 4.06.2018 from 19:00.

The Inspire’d Stage Team

* £1 from every ticket sold will be donated to charity. This month we are supporting Focus Humanitarian Assistance who provide emergency relief, principally in the developing world and work closely with countries like Syria & Afghanistan to bring them back to a more acceptable standard of life.
*We are having a double charity month this May! This month we are also donating £1 from every ticket sold to sponsor children attending the Luziria Primary School in Uganda to help them get a strong education. They would not otherwise be able to afford the school fees, and we want to help young lives have a better future
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