Shay is an entrepreneur with a a portfolio of multiple businesses. She has established a long and successful career as a barrister, alongside which she works as a mediation trainer, speaker, coach, author and jazz vocalist.

She brings many of her talents together in her Conscious Law and How to Be Captivating businesses where she draws upon her legal and coaching skills to bring an element of empathy to the world of law, and to empower her clients to live life always embodying the highest and best version of themselves. She credits her own eclectic career and lifestyle as a testament to the belief that life is really what you make of it, and that you can create whatever you like from from yours, if you do commit to living your life embodying the best version of yourself and following whatever your heart desires.

Having previously run much loved Jazz and Comedy open mic nights in London, she collaborates here with Ayman to Inspire audiences to live the life that they truly want – not simply the one they settle for. She draws on her knowledge from her second book, How to Be Captivating, to mentor speakers on how they too can take the stage at Inspire’d should they wish.

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Ayman is a traveller and investor who attributes his success to a love for people and personal development.

In 2010, he made international headlines for kissing in public in Dubai. He calls this his ‘wake up’ call and returned to London seeking growth.  

In 2013, Ayman visited a friend in Toronto who gave an inspirational talk at a comedy club. This later planted the seed for Inspire’d.

At the heart of Inspire’d is community and the belief that everyone has something important to share. Sharing a simple message or story to a group of people often leads to a ripple of change.

Ayman and Shay have been recognised for their work in creating a platform for first-time and seasoned speakers whilst creating a committed following. Unlike retreats or seminars, Inspire’d is more personal but just as much fun.

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