10383813_332302076978034_1589113661628871834_oInspire’d is the UK’s premier platform for personal leadership insights in TED-style talks. We are the people who ask:

“What would you say if you had 10 mins to share your wisdom on stage?”

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Stay tuned to our our YouTube channel for videos of selected talks from February or look back at some from the previous months:


…We started with Jolene, writer for the Huffington Post, Soul & Spirit and TV Personality, who spoke about using mediumship to inspire your business by calling on the spirit of the most successful business people. An interesting and controversial subject that was delivered in a down-to-earth way.

Allan Kleynhans followed by intertwining his incredible personal story of growing up in apartheid South Africa and going to the army with the need to appreciate and push yourself to be your best in a touching talk.

Hosts and creators of Inspire’d, Ayman & Shay took the stage to give their unique take on abundance by sharing the context of the time we live in and the need to connect with our biggest and boldest dreams, giving ourselves the time perspective to achieve them.

Successful banker Iffy Nazzar proved that bankers aren’t one dimensional w*nkers (his own words!). Using his trademark colourful language he showed how he transformed his lowest moments to some of his biggest gifts.

Having worked at pretty much every big multinational, Fiona Bennett spoke of her experiences of being feminine and SUCCESSFUL in the corporate world.

Denisa Ratulea was our truly memorable wildcard. Having had 7 people inquire for the slot, this month’s stage was really meant for Denisa who shared how she came to understand the size of her father’s heart after he passed away and how his spirit helps her create her brand of healthy food, also trying up the loose ends from Jolene’s talk.

Lilou Mace, has a YouTube channel with over 33 million hits having interviewed some of the greatest minds in the world. Lilou’s went from losing her job as Director of Marketing to creating the lifestyle of her dream despite being near broke. In this magnetic talk she also shared how the universe supported her in key moments to fuel her ambition and how it does this for anyone seeking a more expanded life. Powerful stuff.

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…March will be another sell out with inspirational talks! Featuring…

Tony J Selimi: is an internationally renowned author, elite life and business success coach and mentor whose book “A Path to Wisdom: How to live a healthy, balanced and peaceful life.” reached Amazon No 1 list and received a personal endorsement from Dr John Demartini. References: www.tonyselimi.com and www.apathtowisdom.com

Kate Wolf: Katharine is a healer who uses playfulness to let go of the masks we put on, so we can show up fully as our true selves. Katharine is currently writing her first book, ‘Self-Care for the Wild Woman’ and will be sharing intimate insights from her journey.

Ayman Najafi: Co-Founder of Inspire’d takes the stage on his 30th birthday to share his wisdom on transformation

Sam Jones from Twentysomeone which encourages people to build their legacy before they are 30. He was also a finalist for the prestigious Queens Young Leader award 2015

Christina Caeliss otherwise known as aphrodite is flying in from Donegal to share her wisdom on love

Plus the Wildcard chosen from our audience (these are ALWAYS magic – could it be you this month?!)

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