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The Founders: Shay and Ayman

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Shay is an entrepreneur with a a portfolio of multiple businesses. She has established a long and successful career as a barrister, alongside which she works as a mediation trainer, speaker, coach, author and jazz vocalist… Read More

Ayman is an entrepreneur who attributes his success to his relentless focus on personal growth. Having read hundreds of books on personal development, listened to those old Tony Robins audios and… Read More


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What they say about Inspire’d

Hey guys so great to meet you both at your awesome event this week.

I love what you are doing and how you have captured the attention of those searching for the message your speakers are all sharing in their own unique way.

Interesting info – My mother who follows me via Facebook spotted I was at your event, as was a friend of hers from a club that she is a member of!!
I love that you have such a diverse audience!

Abigail Barnes
Wow what an amazing night! Met some wonderful people and ill definitely be back next month.
Thanks for organising such a great event
James Newall
Massive thanks to Ayman and Shay for organising such a cool event! Speak to them if your interested in getting your message out to the world.. and be SURE to attend their next event!
Rishi Patel
Thank you so much inspire’d for welcoming into a lovely world where the attendees and hosts generate warmth and kindness – and indeed – inspiration!

The talks I have heard come from the heart and there is what I can only call a subtle but definite high awareness energy and loving atmoshere.

I don’t say this lightly as. I go to many speaker events and networking groups and have not encountered anything like this before.

Thank you for this. See you soon, With love, Ysanne.

Ysanne Lewis
I got a special feeling sharing my story at Inspire’d. Ayman and Shay shine together and create an amazing space for sharing and connection. I recommend Inspire’d to anyone in London.
Lilou Mace
I absolutely loved the line up of speakers put together for tonight and the warmth and openness created in the openings and transitions. Also an amazing choice for the Wild Card!
Marylou May
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